Home Energy Performance UK 1.0

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Home Energy Survey On-The-Go and Comprehensive Green Building Reporting

Reduce Property Energy Cost, Optimise Construction & Retrofit Projects, Estimate Future Energy Bills, Manage Appliances Consumption Rate, DIY Book (>100 pages) and Daily news.

Easy to use, ideal for homeowners, landlords, remodelers, builders, estate agents, students / lecturers, surveyors, assessors...

For a better understanding of the usages & services our app is delivering, for all public, we suggest to check our videos on HEP TV:

Our application brings professionals, universities and individuals the ability to survey the Energy Efficiency Performance with a mobile phone or a tablet.
A Survey On-The-Go generating & emailing an Energy efficiency Score (2002/91/EC, similar result as EPC for instance) and a Comprehensive Report of any House or Office from your Mobile Phone or Tablet.

Also, HEP Pro embeds 140 pages of information about Green Building, a forum and a live feed news.

HEP Pro is introducing new services for the industry, between the Expert Certified Software running on Windows (for the EPC process for instance) and the very simple Mobile app that does not help so much.

Many uses cases, this handy app from any Android Mobile Phone or Tablet allows to
- Survey a home/building during a visit,
- Support training of surveyors, sales managers or students,
- Document a building project,
- Demonstrate a prospect the actual energy efficiency of a product,
- Calculate the CO2 emission generated by the Home/Building usages...
- Stay Informed daily about the latest gov. decisions, technologies, CEO interviews, exhibitions...

If you are interested in finding out more or contacting us:
Facebook (new): Group Home Energy Performance
Live news on Twitter (800 followers): @HomeEnergyPerf
Linkedin Group (new): Group Home Energy Performance
Web: www.home-energy-performance-pro.com/

- Specific localisation (Climate, UK County, Altitude)
- Specific Audit Software setup for UK & EU Building specific standards (ensure accurate result)
- Units as BTU, feet, gallon...
- Within the 140 pages of Advices, some are directly related to specific UK/EU regulations and UK Green Building standards (as 2002/91/EC, 2010/31/EU, Energy Trust, EPC...)
- Specific Energy & CO2 Label JPG

An updated version to follow shortly by adding specific local Units. (for more request, please contact us)

Our audits are developed according to the local regulations, so the results are reliable and usable for business usage.
- Quick Performance Audit
- Full Performance Audit
- Quick Consumption Audit
- Full Consumption Audit
- The generation of report Business / Project format (PDF file)
- The generation of the energy label Business / Project format (JPG file)
- Simulation of the Appliances consumption and billing

All these features and modules are designed to be usable by everyone: expert as Architect / Designer through the realtor/property manager to the owner / real estate buyer, with no technical knowledge required.

The usage is unlimited, this is non-subscription software.

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